Does your business provide coaching, workshop, or other forms of training? How big of a difference to your business would it be if you could train anyone in the world?
- We have built a video on demand platform which integrates seamlessly with your website so your customers who you have worked hard to build trust continue to deal derectly with you and not a third party website
- You have full control over whether you want to sell or rent individual videos, groups of videos, allow downloading a copy or only allow streaming access and no downloading
Are you worried or confused by the technical aspects of Streaming Video or concerned about theft of your videos?
- Our platform takes care of all of the underlying technical details and best of all we are totally hidden to your customers as they only ever interact with your website
- Videos are securely stored and access is only granted to users who login to your website, and videos are streamed using AES-128 encryption and can only be played back by an authenticated user

Built For WordPress

We built our platform specifically to work with websites built on WordPress. WordPress is a very powerful content managment system and is so popular it runs 34% of the world's websites. We have built plugins which integrate with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins as well as the ability to work with any WordPress Membership plugin by providing the ability to embed a video on any Wordpress page

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Trusted By Companies Big And Small

We are now an integral part of many of our customers businesses providing the ability to access customers globally and increase revenue streams outside of physical training and classes

Sell Direct from Your Website

Secure and Reliable Streaming

We Take ZERO Cut of Your Sales

See What our Customers Say

"We are extremely happy with HostStreamSell. We have use them to help our client (Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute) and their sister company (Achieve Centre for Leadership) move from a simple system where we put a bunch of video files on private pages in Joomla. After a few days we had something up and running which was 10x better than the old system. Gavin and the team have also been very responsive with supporting some extra requirements we had. We would definitely recommend their solution."

Joshua Hay
Business Development, Hello Websites

"Our organizational purpose is to inspire learning and improve lives. To do so, we need to make our products and services widely accessible. When our company began, we primarily offered live workshops, either public or on-location. Host Stream Sell has provided us with a platform that allows our customers to view webinars and workshops on-demand, from wherever they are, at any time they choose. The platform integrates seamlessly with our websites, allowing for a smooth customer experience. Gavin is always responsive to our questions, working quickly to resolve issues. Host Stream Sell plays a significant role in helping us in our effort to provide accessible, online training."

Cindy Rublee
Director of Internal Operations, Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

"We have been incredibly happy with HostStreamSell. As website developers, our firm often has to integrate various web applications to give our clients all the tools they need to be successful. What a find HostStreamSell has been. Our clients sell downloadable products with considerably large file sizes. Host Stream Sell handles the large files and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce making it easy for the store owner to add video products with minimal effort. The HostStreamSell online tutorials are clear and easy to follow and Gavin has provided top-notch support to all of our clients. We highly recommend Host Stream Sell."

Lori Martin
CEO, Double Fox Websites

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