Distance learning for those dealing with COVID-19

Streaming video is becoming more and more of a critical medium for many educational companies and institutions during the COVID-19 outbreak where it is no longer possible to be physically present in classrooms. Over the past several years we have seen first hand the impact that remote learning can have for those that embrace it either as the sole means of teaching or to complement what they do in person.

For many companies that had not dipped their toes into this digital medium they find themselves scrambling for a solution. Our recommendation is not to reinvent the wheel and to make use of plugins available to you on CMS platforms, the most popular of which is WordPress which we have developed our solution to easily integrate with using our plugins which build on top of other plugins such as WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads to quickly add streaming video capabilities to your website for you students and customers.

In these times we think educators and instructors should focus their time on creating high quality video content and use the already available building blocks to provide the functionality.


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