API Information


We have built HostStreamSell.com in such a way that we provide a secure streaming video component which can easily be communicated with through our RESTful API enabling seamless integration. This allows us to allow access to your videos to users you have granted access to, and deny access to everyone else. We have used this API to build WordPress plugins for selling videos, as well as embeding videos on any WordPress page for membership websites, or playing videos which you only want to be played from your website.


Every user is issued with an API key which is used for all requests. Requests are sent over HTTPS so that this key is kept secure in transit. Your API key can be retrieved from your Settings area.

API Request URL

For XML: https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/
For JSON: https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/json/

Video Methods

Retrieve a list of videos
GET https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/videos?api_key=[API_KEY]
Retrieve a video with trailer playback details
GET https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/videos?api_key=[API_KEY]&video_id=11&expands=playback_details
Retrieve a video with either trailer or full video playback details if a user has access
GET https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/videos?api_key=[API_KEY]&video_id=11&private_user_id=33&expands=playback_details
Retrieve download links for a video if user has access to them
GET https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/videos?api_key=[API_KEY]&video_id=11&private_user_id=33&expands=download_links

Group Methods

Retrieve a list of video groups
GET https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/groups?api_key=[API_KEY]
Retrieve details of a video group showing whether a user has access or not to the group of videos
GET https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/groups?api_key=[API_KEY]&group_id=45&private_user_id=5

Access Methods

Add access to a video or video groups (defined by the access profile referenced)
POST https://www.hoststreamsell.com/api/1/xml/add_video_access?api_key=[API_KEY]&access_profile_id=1112&private_user_id=33&database_id=0