30 Mar 20

Distance learning for those dealing with COVID-19

Streaming video is becoming more and more of a critical medium for many educational companies and institutions during the COVID-19 outbreak where it is no longer possible to be physically present in classrooms. Over the past several years we have seen first hand the impact that remote learning can have for those that embrace it
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19 Apr 18

JW Player 8 support

We are pleased to announce that we have added support for JW Player version 8. Importantly with JW Player version 8 comes support for HLS AES encryption with their Starter license enabling us to standardize on using this format for both videojs and JW Player providing the best security no matter which player you chose
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19 Jul 17

HTML5 Player Support

When we set out to create HostStreamSell we did so with the goal of making it easy to provide secure access to video content for our customers through our platform and WordPress plugins which hide the complexities. One of the complexities when we set out was that to deliver secure streaming videos across browsers and devices flash was a
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10 Nov 15

JW Player 7 support

We are pleased to announce that all of our plugins have been upgraded to support JW Player version 7. With JW Player version 7 comes improvements in appearance and performance. One important change to be aware of is that everyone who uses the version 7 player is required to register for a license. However, the
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20 Oct 15

Video access by link

In this post I’ll describe a great feature in our WooCommerce integration plugin whereby you can now generate a unique URL link when a purchase is made and provide this link to your customer. This is great for situations where you are selling access to a company who wants to give their staff a simple
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